Bobby’s First BRILLIANT MOVE!! 不 #shorts

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  1. The just take any one of the remaining pawns 仁

  2. Estaba esperando que le dieran mate, hiciste m獺s movimientos de los necesarios pero bien, felicitaciones por buscar la creatividad hermano 踢

  3. Bro checked for spiderman abilities

  4. Or you could just take the queen for free and have a forced mate in 4:
    1. Qxf8+ Kc7 (1… Rd8 2. Qxd8#) 2. Ne5 Rd6+ (2… Rd8 3. Qe7+ Rd7 4. Qxd7+ Kb8 5. Qb7#) 3. Ka7 Ra6+ (3… Rb6 4. Qe7+ Kc8 5. Qd7#) 4. bxa6 h6 5. Qb8#

  5. Bro i looked half a second and saw the hanging queen then i see him concidering hanging his own

  6. There was mate in 2 but you just didn't see it

  7. An he sacrificed…. THE MATE IN 2 MOVES!!!!

  8. Bro you can check mate already
    Put the horce to b6 then move the queen to h8

  9. Bro could have just take the queen on the first place

  10. What happens if he took queen directly

  11. literally a super known puzzle… smh…

  12. Couldve took the queen on first move but still

  13. Bro was playing chess while being i man's 5th and last mood if the day i 12 am being batman at chess

  14. The knight burped really hard after 14points of material

  15. This is the funniest shit ever 唐

  16. Bro was like: " Is this a power of a GOD?! "

  17. So they both just leave their queens wide open

  18. like how queen c6 is a 2 move checkmate (my elo is 400, and no i dont know how i found it)

  19. Bro you could have taken the queen straight away idiot

  20. Que sacrif穩cio desnecess獺rio hahahahahahahha

  21. Bro could mate in 2 queen takes the bq, bk to c7, pawn to b6


  23. Do you want to buy my flag? If you are a master, equip yourself with a unique chess board in the world .

  24. Bro just sacrificed a mate for a royal fork

  25. Take the queen: no, no, no
    Brilliant move: YESSSSS

  26. I dont know if he realized he could capture the queen for completely free so no this is not a brilliant move

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