Bobby Fischer’s Evans Gambit in 17 Moves!

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  1. I like these shorts, but the board is cut off at the top and I can't see rank 8.

  2. For some reason the shortest games in Chess are usually 17 moves

    At least for me, most of the times I win in very short times, it's always 17 moves

  3. At just 59 seconds long, this might be the shortest agadmator chess video so far. And yet it features a beautiful piece of surgery by Doctor Fischer himself.

  4. Agad: if Fischer can play it, you can play it.
    Me: yeah sure๐Ÿ˜„

  5. Bobby Fischer rules. Magnus sucks. Wesley So rules.

    Bobby Fischer would consider Wesley So more of a world champion than Magnus Carlsen or Hikaru Nakamura.

    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against JEWS more than Americans.)

    What do Daniil Dubov & Hikaru Nakamura have in common? Both betray their country for Magnus. Also Garry Kasparov is a traitor for cheating fellow-Jew Judit.

    6 parts:

    PartI. Bobby Fischer agrees.
    PartII. Magnus, unlike ASH KETCHUM, was never the world champion.
    PartIII. Talent
    PartIV. Magnus is a corrupt coward.
    PartV. Magnus is a cheater.
    PartVI. More on talent and then Hans Niemann


    Bobby Fischer agrees with me.

    Bobby would side with Hans & Wesley So over Magnus & Hikaru even if e wouldn't like the US government today. I guess Magnus is the reverse: no political opinion on the US but has something against American players, as Magnus ADMITTED IN A PODCAST (see yev3a1 ).

    Now, Daniil & Hikaru are traitors not for Norway but for Magnus. As Nepo pointed out, Norway is 'not a chess country'. Norway was never the villain. Magnus is the villain. (But is not a supervillain like Hans Niemann. cf Megamind.)

    – Daniil betrays Russia by helping Magnus over Sergey & Nepo in 2021 WCC.
    – Hikaru betrays the US by siding with Magnus over Hans.


    When Wesley So or Bobby Fischer accuse people of cheating, we LISTEN.

    When Magnus Carlsen accuses, we LAUGH.

    Magnus is a cheater too eg against (more in partV)

    – Alireza 2019,
    – Danya 2021 Dec AND 2022 Jan
    – Nepo 2021.


    Why betray your country for Magnus, who, unlike ASH KETCHUM, was never the WC?

    Wesley So is the inaugural CLASSICAL WC and has been from 2019 to PRESENT and has NEVER LOST a classical game.

    What a joke of a so-called WC in Iceland. Congrats to Hikaru who became the FAST RAPID WC. Wesley So won really in CLASSICAL not just SLOW RAPID because the time controls were 45+15=60min! Note: Everyone who won the classical portion in the 2019 WFRCC also won their match, i.e. no one caught up in the lower time controls.

    Don't believe FIDE when they also tell you 25min-for-30moves + afterwards 5min+5sec increment is slow rapid. It is FAST RAPID because it is only 32.5 min < 35 min, the midpoint between 10min and 60min!

    Wesley So did not lose the title to Hikaru, like how Bobby never lost the title to Anatoly Karpov because the conditions FIDE gave that were unfavourable for the AMERICANS Bobby and Wesley So.

    Does FIDE have something against Americans? (They had only 1 non-European president, a Filipino/Filipina/Philippine.)

    There's FIFA uncovered. Where's FIDE uncovered?

    Wesley So previously faced corruption as a Philippine citizen from Prospero Pichay & NCFP (see: 0J3K-3_xCzY ) and now faces corruption as a US citizen from Magnus & FIDE.



    Magnus is the best currently, but Wesley So has been the most talented since latest 2019. Magnus lost 4-0, actually 13.5-2.5, to Wesley So in 2019. Then Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo in 2022 and thus indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru. LOL.

    'Talent' is how good you are when there's no theory.

    Chess = great = a combination of theory and talent

    9LX = pure talent

    Looks like Magnus is good only for openings. Turns out Magnus is a talentless patzer who crumbles without opening prep. PATHETIC.

    Note: Patzer means extremely good at openings but sucks at middlegames or endgames.
    So much for greatest endgame player of all time ey?

    Anyhoo, Magnus is maybe 1 of the GOATs but THE GOAT?! Please. How can you be THE GOAT when you're TALENTLESS?

    2nd place in the 2019 WC was PATHETIC for a 4x WCC, later 5x WCC. And then in 2022 Magnus wasn't even 2nd place. LOL!

    9LX removes openings, so Magnus should be STRONGER not LESS STRONG. Yet in 2019 Magnus lost 13.5-2.5 to Wesley So and didn't get a single win. Why?!?!?!!!!

    And look now in 2022 Magnus lost 3-1 to Nepo despite beating Nepo 4-0 in the 2021 WCC (where Magnus cheated against Nepo). And of course consequently Magnus indirectly lost 3-1 to Hikaru. Also, Magnus should be better in rapid than classical re Sergey 2016 and Fabi 2018…yet Magnus was only 2nd 2019 & 3rd 2022. LOL.

    Larry Kaufman told me:

    (Begin quote)
    Magnus doesn't generally play such great openings, he strives to get the game out of book as early as possible usually. I think the issue here is that his greatest strength is the endgame, but FRC games are much more likely to be decided in the middlegame as the players are on their own so early. That's probably why he doesn't shine as brightly in FRC as in Classical chess.
    (End quote)


    Magnus is a coward re the 2022 WC because:

    IV.1 – Championship privilege – The 2022 WC didn't have a candidates the same way the last 4 WCCs do. Magnus had the FULL privilege to defend against ONLY 1 OPPONENT each of the last 4 times. And Vishy from 2008-13. (But ok Wesley So got PARTIAL privilege.)

    IV.2 – Time controls – FIDE lowered by 50%! Changed the WC from classical to rapid where Magnus obviously has a higher advantage!

    Magnus even beat Sergey and Fabi only because of rapid tiebreaks. But Sergey and Fabi 'deserved' to have lower time controls because they only drew against Magnus in original time controls. But Wesley So didn't lose a single game to Magnus in 2019 and even beat Magnus 4x !!! So why did Wesley So deserve rapid time controls?!?!!

    Note: The tiebreaks Sergey and Fabi got were even 25min, not 45min. Lol.

    Bobby was on top for only a short period of time because FIDE and Anatoly were cowards who ran away from Bobby. (No offense Sergey Karjakin! Or wait I can compromise: FIDE, not necessarily Anatoly Karpov, were cowards.)

    See? It happened again. FIDE and Magnus were being cowards running away from Wesley So. But it backfired on them because they didn't expect Nepo, and apparently Hikaru too, is more talented than Magnus. But I already knew it: Nepo lost only 3x to Wesley So in 2019 FIDE and drew with Wesley So in 2022 St Louis while Magnus lost 4x to Wesley So in 2019 FIDE and FURTHERMORE lost to Wesley So in 2020 St Louis.

    But I guess FIDE still benefits anyway from Hikaru's winning since Hikaru is a popular streamer who sides with Magnus over Hans.



    Magnus cheated 4x

    V.1 – with David Howell against Danya Naroditsky in 2021 Dec

    V.1A – in the lichess thing.

    V.1B – in relationships. Lol.

    V.2 – with Aryan Tari against Danya in 2022 Jan again in lichess & relationships.

    V.3 – Magnus also cheated in 2019 blitz WCC in distracting Alireza: Magnus spoke in Norwegian on own turn BUT AFTER punching clock continued to talk on Alireza's turn.

    V.4 – Magnus cheated against Nepo in 2021 WCC with the knight touch move thing and then said 'do better' as part of gaslighting the reporter. Search 'magnus carlsen gaslighting'.


    Magnus is like the cheaters Tigran V / L Petrosian and is unlike the HONEST players Wesley So and Bobby Fischer. Also Garry cheated Judit by touch. See? Magnus copied Garry.

    Also Garry is not GOAT for cheating against Judit (whose sibling Susan is JEWISH AMERICAN btw – see zs4zpf ) and not apologising for 3 decades now.

    Actually, Magnus is similarly not GOAT due to cheating.

    Levy said in a wired video that GOAT comes down to Magnus, Garry and Bobby. Garry cheated Judit. Magnus cheated Alireza Danya and Nepo. (Wesley) So Bobby wins!

    Wesley So told Hikaru in stream that 50-70 years 9LX will replace chess. See Wikipedia. Wesley So said in 2018 interview St Louis that Bobby or Garry is GOAT. Even if Bobby is not GOAT, Bobby is MTOAT – most talented of all time.

    Also, have there been any cheating scandals in 9LX?

    9LX players have more integrity than chess players.


    More on talent and then Hans Niemann

    Quote 1:
    After playing Chess960, I realise how mentally unwell chess players become the more they play it. They know they will get the same ideal setup every game and they deny the fact that they will mess it up unless they memorise some other geek's ideas. In Chess960 there is nothing to deny. You know you are going to get a far from ideal start position and you know it is up to you to make the best of it and you know you will be playing moves nobody has tried before. Which is better for your mental health?

    Quote 2:
    Chess960: The winner is the more agile mind. Chess: The winner is the biggest nerd.

    Wesley So is most TALENTED currently even though Magnus is GREATEST currently. Thank you Bobby for helping us realise how TALENTED Wesley So is.

    Wesley So ain't greatest currently or of all time. After all e was in candidates only once and got only 1 win. (All the more embarrassing for Magnus. LOL.) BUT WESLEY SO IS THE MOST TALENTED CURRENTLY AND POSSIBLY OF ALL TIME (well maybe next to Bobby). MTOAT VS GOAT.


    FIDE lowers the time controls to lower Wesley So's odds wanting Magnus to win just as chessc*m kicked out Hans Niemann wanting to please Magnus.

    Magnus not only cheats but also is a sore loser in manipulating chess entities (chessc*m & FIDE) to hurt American players (Hans & Wesley So).

    Civil conspiracy and ra()sm!

    The 5C's:

    Civil conspiracy

    I already said in this post:

    P.S. Who's the biggest sore loser?

    Light Yagami (death note),

    Magnus (chess),

    Garrett Adelstein (poker),

    Carlsen (chess960)

    (HUGE UPDATE: See zs4zpf how Magnus has something against JEWS more than Americans.)

    P.P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  6. What is the idea behind the name "Agadamor"?

  7. V nice.
    Wow doing some shorts! Cool. I do love the longer format however

  8. Iโ€™m
    Sharing this game with my friend at the bar and later at a library

  9. Me: who loves everything around Italian game especially Evans
    also me: Proceeds to miss every single move

  10. Why would the bishop not just take the rook when it checks the king?

  11. Isn't the rook on e1 hanging sir during the check?

  12. Thank you for another masterpiece from the distant past…..and a wonderful chess lesson !!!๐Ÿ˜‡

  13. Wow agadmator shorts yeahh, keep them coming ๐Ÿ’“

  14. I am so good with this opening,I did everything just like Bobby. I just got checkmated instead

  15. Why doesn't the bishop take the rook when the rook gives check?

  16. Why don't use the Bishop to take the rook?

  17. Unstoppable checkmate ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  18. So amerikans they exept they were and they are outsiders in world chess so they say a soviet russian domination 24 years which braked fisher,, and after the fisher when fisher resigned and anatoly karpov toke 3 w.championships later of 6 kasparovs and the last years time kramnik an other 3.
    So where is the ( new) fisher?????
    Where were the americans and where they are now???
    To much bla bla for outsider to compare russian and american chess.
    Oww SORY i forgot their agents still in russia to look to Russian national championship to pay and pick up some russian talent and give him the usa citizen to play for america.

  19. Rook e1 is wrost move because bishop can capture

  20. I think the position will be lost regardless, but why take the pawn after h4 against Fischer. So obviously walks into a trap

  21. This is one of the games that made me fall in love with chess

  22. Wasnโ€™t the rook hanging on e1 by the the black bishop??

  23. The guioco piano game evans gambit Spanish game ruy Lopez caro kann defense and advanced French defense are the best chess openings of course they have grandmasters who use them Destroying others

  24. Why didnt his opponent capture the rook on e1? Its still winning for white but it seems like such a no brainer.

  25. i watch a lot of chess on the internet. You are the best commentator, so thank you for all your hard work dedication and (relative to me anyway) skill. your English is also excellent for which i again congratulate you, but using 'preventing' would be better than 'not allowing'. just a bit of hopefully constructive criticism ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Thanks for moving the board to the top ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. AGAIN, AGAIN ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚B-4

  28. I have a book by Reuben on opening theory. That's a staggering win. The way Bobby played it is similar to the Danish gambit where you sack a bunch of pawns but get way ahead in development for brutal attacking chances. These things are a bit unsound so rarely played at master level but the defender has to tiptoe through a minefield.

  29. Hey good to see you again. Did you take some time off?

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