Best Chess Opening for White After 1.e4 | Scotch Gambit Traps

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you how to win with 1.e4 as White after Black responds 1…e5. You will learn one of the best chess openings for White, the Scotch Gambit which happens after the following moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Bc4.

This powerful opening variation increases your winning probability significantly, especially in amateur level and among club players. Out of the 3 most common responses of Black, 2 moves are huge mistakes and lose the game for Black immediately.

Learn this powerful variation as it also comes with some deadly traps! Even the world no.5 Wesley So lost in just 12 moves in this opening!

► Chapters

00:00 Win with 1.e4 as White, Best Chess Opening
00:25 Scotch Gambit for White
01:06 1) If Black plays 4…Nxe4
02:35 2) If Black plays 4…Nxd4
03:38 3) If Black plays 4…exd4
04:13 Black’s two choices on move 5
06:34 Common tactical pattern you should know
08:02 Black’s correct response, to counterattack
09:21 Simple & Effective Variation
10:30 73% Win Rate, Deadly Trap
13:04 Can you find the winning move?
13:20 Black’s correct response: Be7

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  1. Do you recommend me to explore you games after studied your most important courses and incorporated your system of thinking or you play different in practice according to who is gonna be your opponent?

  2. I thought it was my invention. It's already on the book.

  3. I love the idea of this video, but in practice, playing bishop C4 usually results in opponent playing bishop C5. Then it’s an Italian game…which I hate playing. Any advice?

  4. "Scottish" or "Scots" please, unless you're referring to whiskey or food.

  5. love the videos from you. very new ideas i dont even think about

  6. 13:14 Nh4 traps the queen if queen d5, g4 then Nf6 forks with check if Qe5 then Nh4+ discovered attack on queen.

  7. I really love this game. Never had a chance to study or gain some tutelage, but now I have some opportunity. I’m just below average player if that. But I do have to compliment you. You have a great delivery. The lesson you give is so enjoyable. I appreciate and thank you.

  8. Sir please make video on two knight's defense 🙏

  9. Move the knight to h4 then win the queen after few moves

  10. This two knight defence by black is pretty similar with ruy Lopez that allows black to take a pawn than counter attack

  11. Whereas two knight defence is best against fried liver attack

  12. Great videos! Very helpful. Thank you.

  13. This opening NEVER works after elo 900. I've tried opening like this dozens of time, it always fails. I invested so much time in it with no reward at all 🤢

  14. This is the opening strategy that made me loose the most games in my chess life

  15. You are the boss trainer! I learnt many attacking tactics from your videos.
    The solution of the puzzle, I think, is Kfh4, which will win the queen and win the match eventually.

  16. I think that the solution to the puzzle is Nh4!

  17. First thing I will admit I'm not nearly as good as you in chess but I have to say my opinion respectfully please.
    At 15:00, which is the only absurd one, your analysis kind of goes off on a tangent thats probably not going to happen and it is avoiding the real issue cause you wanted to end the video. All others I recognize but I think that part is a mistake. At 15:00 I would capture the white queen with the rook. You will take my queen with check and I will attack the knight but if you take my rook then it is mate on the first rank so you have to take my rook and check my king then I will take your knight so the game will be even and blacks position is not nearly as bad. Then your white pawn at g7 will also be taken.

  18. Knight h4, Queen goes anywhere the Queen will be lost.

  19. Knight to h4 and the other Knight to f6 you win

  20. At 13:35 in the video, why wouldn't black play pawn to f6? That would seem like a perfect move for black. By the way, your videos single handedly improved me from an 800 to an 1100. My goal was just to get to 1000. Thank you.

  21. Thanks a lot Igor! I am a Italien player and need this soo much! 😊👍♟

  22. 14:55 why can't black just capture queen d1?

    after that knight captures queen e7 forking the queen and the rook

    black plays king to d7 or d8..

    now if white captures rook at g8 then rook captures e1 is checkmate

    so white has to capture rook back at d1 checking the king then king can just capture the knight back.

    or am i wrong somewhere? (1000 elo here)

  23. Your videos are amazing. Would you ever consider doing a video on playing against the Scotch gambit as black?

  24. i always try to play the danish gambit but they never take it so iI just decided to laern the scoth game to

  25. Hello, at 6:27 I have always sacrificed my bishop immediately and after king takes kg5+ king moves and Qxg4 my opponent normally pushes d5 and i slide back with QF3 with sneaky mate threat which has one me lots of bullet games. Does anyone have a reason for why pushing c3 is a better trap???

  26. There is one thing I want to do with my life and that's to see the northern lights or aurora borealis.

  27. Nh4 attacks the queen and almost traps it if queen to D5 NF6 + Winn the queen

  28. What is the best refutation from the black prospective ? , please make a video for that .

  29. For the position at 6:00 i would like to see some lines, how to win very soon…

  30. I kept looking at Nf6 for the puzzle and then i had to put it in the analysis board to realize it was Nh4 which is the killer move. Wow what a beautiful position!

  31. 23th time seeing the word best opening on video title

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