Benko Gambit – Chess Openings Explained

Jonathan Schrantz teaches the Benko Gambit. Learn what to do after 3…b5. See a game where white faltered, a game where black deviated from the correct line, and a game where both sides played well.

A58 Benko gambit accepted
Harikrishna vs. Tregubov, 2004: A58 Benko gambit accepted
Peralta vs. Perez Mitjans, 2015: A58 Benko gambit, fianchetto variation


  1. Great lecture, thanks, keep 'em coming! Even more rewarding to watch at 0.9x speed πŸ™‚ so no problem cramming a lot of information in the hour. Please keep asking quick "what's the best next move" questions even if your audience is baffled, it's a nice cue to pause the video and have a quick think.

  2. As a chess coach I like the format of the lesson.

  3. can we know how to play against the sicilian najdorf and french defense as white?

  4. can you do a vid on the french defence where it goes like e4 e6 d4 d5 nd2 (or nc3) dxe4 nxe4. (then i guess nf6 is correct?) it's what i play but i don't know if that is an accurate variation.

  5. I've just played against this variation of the Benko and I did pretty well because of this lecture. Very instructive, thank you Jonathan πŸ˜‰

  6. I really like your way of presenting. involving the audience and your dry sense of humour. Thx for the video.

  7. first game is very low caliber for a 2500 player is that 2500 ELO or american rating ??

  8. please cover the benoni defence in detail. it is only the gambit

  9. there is no concentraton in the lecture.

  10. Putting this together with the Benoni trilogy makes a great lesson series. Thanks so much. I've really enjoyed Jonathan's lectures. Very well prepared and presented.

  11. The ponziani opening would have been simpler. I don't like it when grandmasters simplify matter but its got to be said player can get a bit stupid and ask for it.

  12. I follow your channel. Great videos to share with us beginners.

  13. In the final game, what could black have done differently to prevent white from gaining such an advantage? Or is it simply the case that white will always win with accurate play? thanks.

  14. Nice to get some coverage on the Benko-gambit or Volga-gambit as it is also known….

  15. Amazing lectures, I'm surprised at how well the plans are explained here.

  16. queen Indian defence please sirπŸ˜ƒ

  17. great videos! thanks for them!
    -greets from Czechia by 1700 FIDE player

  18. Can you show the benoni against d4 Nf6 c4 c5 e3

  19. Very nice introduction to the main line of the Volga Gambit. I'll take some of your insights to build my lesson (i'm trainer too).

    I've juste a little problem : you gave 2 references of games in the comments of the video but you're actually showing three of them πŸ™‚

    Can you precise which one is what ?

  20. anyone also ears somebody wailing in the background?

  21. today i learned that something so small and simple shouldn't be taken for granted like the D3 square

  22. about 6:00: …Bf5? provocates e4, which makes the weakness on d3? But e4 with a tempo makes the white position much better, coz the B. has to go back, which loses a tempo. Of course Nxe4 is not possible. he think he changed the variations! thats not a good quality. (…Nxe4 Qa4 +-)

  23. very informative with simple understanding. Thanks very clearly able to listen too

  24. I understood the importance of d3 square and the move rookb1. Both key aquares as well as e5. I think its the soul of this opening. Thanks alot. A few more videos of some advanced variations will be appreciated. As we all know there isnt enough stuff about benko gambit available.

  25. Great video! Any chance of a follow up where the gambit is declined?

  26. so like one of the way blacks can counter it

  27. 20:24 you forgot NA2 puting pressure to room then if knight khite tale knight black Black Bb2 double attack to both white rook and the black can win white rook in exchange of bishop or knight

  28. Very nice explain the chess openings. I wish you continued success!

  29. The video is great as many other of his but he makes a very annoying throat noise every 1 or 2 sentences, he really needs to work on that

  30. ""That's kind of the biggest secrets in chess. Just don't do anything ""πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚

  31. benko played f5 sometimes, maybe thats a interesting idea to weaken d5

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