Belgrade Gambit – Chess Opening

The Belgrade Gambit is a fun line in the 4 knights game. For more openings check out


  1. you explained very well, thanks! btw what website is that your using?

  2. good to hear from u again Kevin, great video

  3. Wow ! It's more smooth now.Keep up the good work

  4. awesome videos man thanks! helping me out greatly as a beginner

  5. In the first 7 minutes black made at least 5 terrible moves, seriously???

  6. Any chance on making a video about the 'Argentinian Tragedy'?

  7. sir please show a attacking game of Carlson

  8. Can someone tell me what chess software this is what chesswebsite uses? I tried to google but couldn't find it.

  9. Kevin, with all due respect to you, a very good player…. in the first Belgrade Championship (that's how the gambit got its name) Trajkovic played Qe2! (Instead of Be2). Thus the opponent's (Rajdocic) possible d3 lost its venom.
    Prior to it, Kurt Richter played Be2, and yes, the d3 was played, Herr Richter lost and never played Belgrade gambit again.
    Can you comment on that? On Qe2 move?

  10. Try to talk less and only show the moves. And Also don 't show to much.

  11. What if at 14:00 the black king goes to G8? How will the attack continue plz someone explain

  12. 8:05 "the double bishop pair" lol… are we talking 'bout 4 fucking bishops here?

  13. Thanks for this. Now to set about learning it.

  14. You say play it for 'fun' but Tal played this against a well known grandmaster and won, getting his grandmaster norm from the win

  15. at 7:47 after nb5, a6 (attacking the knight), why play nxd6 right away? why not play qe2e#?

    black must block, blocking with qe7 is a blunder because of nc7 check, forking the king and rook

    if blocking with be7, white can play nxd6+, kf8 is forced because the bishop is pinned, and then white can develop bishop f4, defending the knight. then white is ready to castle queenside and start pushing the kingside pawns, black can never castle and it will be really hard to get his kingside rook into the game, black's d-pawn will be blocked by the knight and isolated, meaning that the knight can pretty much occupy that square forever and prevent pushing the d-pawn which makes it quite difficult to get the light square bishop into the game as well.

  16. whats the name of the example he gives on 0:18? I hear "habaleans gambit", not mach on google

  17. After studying all the variation I forgot everything

  18. Cornelius Constantine Balthazar Fitzpatrick V Sr. says:


  19. 13:11 if they move queens pawn isnt that just force mate with qxd4? Unless they trade queen for rook?

  20. What if in situation from 2:17 he plays Knight to e5? Just take it? then he can get it and take free pawn in next move. Otherwise he will check with knight in next move (f3)

  21. Belgrade Gambit is when you bomb Sarajevo to the ground.

    PS : Not original

  22. You said double bishop pair and now I have this sick fantasy of having 4 bishops

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