Attacking Chess Gambit against Caro-Kann (Spassky Gambit)

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  1. Nice video GJ_Chess. You have an entertaining style in both chess and your explanations.

  2. These are good moves for
    'the white' against a solid defence of 'the black'. On a serious note! All of your videos have been extremely helpful to me! Thank you for sharing your chess insights!

  3. hello thank you for sharing it was really helpful im learning a lots from all of your videos…keep it up

  4. Traffic sound is coming more do u live in high way

  5. how do you play when he plays Qb6 followed by c5 instead of accepting the gambit. His Queen and Bishop have some really annoying synergy in that case no?

  6. Because of your helpful tricks i have won many rapid,blitz games….

  7. Definitely going to try this. Excellent video! Thank you.

  8. Thanks, this is very helpful. However, on the first few minutes of the video where black plays h5 instead of h6, black can actually play for the c5 pawn break in response to white's attack on black's h5 pawn and assesses black with an advantage

  9. At around 9 mins in the video, GJ, you made 2 consecutive black moves. You moved the black King, explained how black was in a precarious position and then moved the black pawn on the C file! Not sure how you can correct this.

  10. Man, your videos are like orgasms for aggressive players.

  11. spassky system was very interesting i would like to play the system

  12. Excellent video, I really like the way you explain things. 😀

  13. I like the way you talk…. with laugh….

  14. I like this better than Tal's advance variation. Thanks GJ

  15. Nobody: (suspenseful silence)
    …My name is GM Mesgen Amanov. I'm a professional chess coach! (Badass Eastern European accent)

  16. This is tal gambit not spassky gambit 😂😂😂😅😅

  17. Against d4 I prepared according to your instructions and getting good results

  18. You are awesome to learn simply devastating traps

  19. বগা গুটিৰে খেলা খেলুৱৈ জনে খেল খনত মোক হাহি আৰু আনন্দ দিয়াৰ লগতে সুন্দৰ কৌশল দেখালে । বহুত বহুত ধন্যবাদ ।

  20. Amazing sir.. I hope we will not meet on the board anyways! XD

  21. Qg4 on move 12 produces a couple of good mate lines in response to the 6. h4 h5 line…a better gambit in this case would be 7. Be2 Be7 8. Bxh5 Bxh5 9. Nxh5 g6 10. Nf4 Rxh4 11. Rxh4 Bxh4
    12. Qg4 wherein the knight on f4 takes on either e6 or g6 (Nfxe6 or Nfxg6)… 😉

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