Anyone can DOMINATE: Best Openings

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These are the best chess openings you can use to dominate in chess. The Evans Gambit, Caro-Kann Defense, Sicilian Defense, Scandinavian Defense and French Defense will help you coordinate a game of chess and win easily. Even beginners and intermediates can dominate in chess, if they just know the right opening moves. I made this Tier List by listening to Grandmasters, Masters and even Chess Engines.


  1. No, French Advanced variation is by far the worst reaction for french defense

  2. I have not laughed this hard at a chess tutorial or been so engaged while watching before. This is awesome! 😂

  3. pls talk about the Latvian gambit

  4. I think it's a bit sad alekhine's defence (e4 -> Nf6) and the old benoni defence (d4 -> c5) wasn't mentioned as those are my two favorite defences for black at low-mid elo. The reason they're great is because you force your opponent to play your opening, if they play d4 hoping for a london you can just crush their hopes with c5. The other reason i like these two openings is because no one around 1000 elo have the faintest clue how to play those kind of positions which is very fun 🙂

  5. What's your thoughts on pirc defence against e4 and is vienna better than evans?

  6. POV: "You immediately googled the flag of sicily"

  7. "Hikaru, Levy, and Alpha Zero cannot be wrong all at the same time" 😂

  8. What about arnold using sharpness 5 sword

  9. Could you make a video on the french defense? And what to play against caro kann And a vid on kings indian 😇

  10. how can i get that sound effect that he uses in the video, i only see a limited amount of options that dont sound like the sound effects when moving and taking pieces in this vid.?

  11. what to play in russian game? When they attack your pawn instead with the kingside knight instead of defending their own

  12. Can I know the name of musical composition in the vids? They sounded so good for my ears

  13. bro ur awsomeeeeeee,,,,,, fan boy from India..

  14. You have forgotten about Queen’s gambit. Example
    1) You push pawn from the queen and black does the same thing
    2) After that push pawn from the bishop next to the queen
    3) If enemy takes the pawn, you should push the other pawn forward.

  15. The b3 french is much more fun to play, and it catches your opponent off guard

  16. If I cannot play the Evans gambit I just ask to take the pawn back and play the London..

  17. I can also recommend the Ponziani since it includes a lot of traps especially at beginner level, plus it‘s easy to turn into the alapin which is similar and is used against the sicilian

  18. Wait, why does nobody noticed the website's name:
    worrying for this guy

  19. "If they play anything else, they're probably an idiot anyway" LMAO

  20. Evans Gambit/Italian, Caro Kann, Ruy Lopez/Spanish, French Advance, King Indian Defense.

  21. Caro kann si powerful but its has many "counter" traps thats why i dont use caro kann especially if your opponent knows many openings,gambit and defence

  22. For the Scandinavian defense you should do the blackmar diemer gambit it’s super good

  23. My favourite opening is the Caro kann

  24. Tbh, this is actually a nice tip. Learn one make thousand folds

  25. This title gives me the same vibes as “anyone can cook” from Ratatouille

  26. As Black Caro Kann against E4
    KINGS INDIAN against everything else

  27. 4:46 I thought I saw the Vienna so I had to rewind. the first thing I saw was the Barnes Opening. Seriously???

  28. I like this dude.. I now have chess inside my chess.

  29. This is probably the best chess learning channel on YouTube right now. Simple, funny, and straight to the point.

  30. king's indian for black is nice but I like more the dutch defense as a second best opening for black for any white not e4

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