Aggressive Chess Opening Gambit for White After 1.e4 [TRAPS Included]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares his new favourite chess opening gambit for White after 1.e4. It happens in the Scotch Game after the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 and White sacrifices another pawn 4.c3, which leads to the Goring Gambit.

White’s idea in this gambit is to achieve a very active position with a lot of attacking opportunities. This aggressive gambit also has a trap that has the potential to defeat the world champion Magnus Carlsen!

► Chapters

00:00 Aggressive Goring Gambit, Scotch Game
00:43 Quick & Aggressive Attack by White
02:44 Black’s common response: 5…Bb4
05:00 Attacking from all directions!
06:03 Deadly TRAP against Magnus Carlsen
09:49 Spectacular tactics for the win!

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  1. Cicilline suozzi Fisher pdf our video may friend

  2. I love your videos but in 2:35 black can actully go to f3 with his knight and check white and it could ruin white pawn structure, after that bishop to d6 to prevent the fork, so I think it is better for black than white

  3. Nooo that's actually my favorite blitz weapon, I don't want a lot of people to watch this video and be prepared for it xd

  4. Ooh! 🌟🙏🏽 Love your channel, always learning. Would be a treat to play this line successfully 🤩

  5. somehow Isabel always knows not to play e5 from the very beginning.

  6. Somehow i suspect Magnus would spot this trap and deal with it appropriately 😉

  7. match nicely well to my style of gameplay in chess, since my advantage is the attack that my opponent can barely defend against.

  8. I love your tactics. These are awesome and no one makes and shares them online…..

  9. Wonderful, I have destroyed my opponents mercilessly, now at 1200 as a 1 month beginner.

  10. nah it's completely prevent by black playing 6 na5, which is the more common move.

  11. I tried this six times, 12 games, and no black player did move 1 or 3.

  12. This really open lots of threats to Black

  13. Yeah learn the various Gambits like opponents are always fools and you will be the next GM in waiting. Learning chess is to learn the art of defense and offense.

  14. He’s correct, most of blacks moves are logical and will be played. Most but not all.

  15. Magnus Carlsen could hope white over reaches at the end after 1)Qxg7 Nd2 2) QxR ch Kd7 3)RxNch? kc7 whites attack is out and he must give up his Queen to stop mate on e1

  16. Another great video. You have the best chess channel 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  17. What if Magnus does not goes for the f1 rook and long castles???
    i.e. 16…Nd2, 17. Qb4 O-O-O

  18. @ 11:52 I believe white is better off with Bxb7, then Qb5+, then QxN. That way black's pawn at c3 cannot advance. So when white does Be3, black cannot block white's bishop with c5. (by the way, I really like these examples!)

  19. 3:12 what if the opponent plays knight a5 instead of taking with bishop

  20. This is great, now if i can just remember all of this. LOL!~

  21. My opponents watching this right now

  22. Your English is so good, that I haven´t understood the name of this gambit.

  23. Hi Igor, what do you recommend if black doesn’t accept white’s second pawn sacrifice and instead moves pawn to d6 before whit’s opening foundation for this gambit has been established?

  24. Thanks Igor! I just beat a 1800 rated person with this!

  25. hi Igor, what I like in your videos is that all those positions happen in my real online blitz and bullet games quite regularly.
    I mean, there are other guys teaching traps in openings, but their tricks happen very rarely because you cannot force your opponent to do several initial moves

  26. 4:32 why is that knight pin bad for black ? Or how can white be at an advantageous position after this ?

  27. Igor, there is one giant flaw to your preparation to defeat Magnus. Since he undoubtedly gets all his opening preparation from watching your videos, he will see this one and prepare a response.

  28. It's like learning kung fu… but with chess pieces.

  29. Hi Igor it's Pam Huett again.
    I hope you and your family are doing well.
    I just have one thing to tell you about what a lot of people play against me as soon as my knight goes to f3 and bishop to c4.
    I get hit with h6 so I was wondering how someone should deal with it.

  30. Hi Igor. What should we play if Black played h6, instead of Na5, which seems to be a waste of time? Thank you.

  31. Don't share it with Magnus, give it to Alexey 🔥

  32. I think theres one move for black that beats white, knight f3 check.

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