A brutal Stafford gambit #chess #pawnbreak.com


  1. Tbh losing 2 nights and a bishop isn't worth a queen, for me

  2. Seems like a whole lot of sacrifices just to be able to take a queen

  3. Because opponents don't always move like in the video, if we practice it, the results will be different

  4. Shitty gambit, too much senseless material lose

  5. Black if white play d4: 💀
    Stafford gambit very bad

  6. Why does king not take bishop haha what a joke. 200 elo game

  7. Mr. കോമള സ്വരൂപൻ!1980 Model. says:

    Subscribe button hide the Queen and I spent 5 minutes to figure out😢

  8. That would work only if the player doesn't realize they just hung out a free bishop

  9. i will ask the same question why the king didn't take the bishop but i see that the queen is totally open

  10. I wish I could see the chess board like this.

  11. Bullshit trick 😂 why didn’t you take Bishop out by King 😅 making people fool huh 😊

  12. bro the bishop is getting protection from another dimension

  13. Everyone is asking why didn’t the king take the queen and that’s obvious. The real question is why would the knight trade for the worse position knight…

  14. Levon aronian making YouTube short now? Thad wild 💀

  15. what if the pawn doesn’t even extend and this all just goes to waste

  16. Couldnt you just push and kick the bishop instead of taking?

  17. King can’t take the bishop due to the French accent on the knight

  18. Why the king didnt take the bishop? : bc then he would just give the queen away

  19. If the king take the Bishop on f7 the queen will be out

  20. Yes gambits where the opponent is a paid actor and cooperates with your every wish. Only useful on noobs… which you should be beating anyway

  21. InterContinental Ballistic Missile ❌
    Stafford Gambit 🗿✔️

  22. Bro lost 1 pawn , 2 knights ,1 bishop to capture a queen

  23. half of your pieces are gone and after queen takes queen N can just defend the bishop and rook and king can take 2nd bishop

  24. Stafford gambit is simply a terrible opening, if white learns the correct setup

    And it’s really not ‘that’ difficult

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