A Beginner Lesson in the Stafford Gambit

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In this video, I give a chess lesson in the Stafford Gambit to @GrappLr who is a popular streamer and an avid chess fan. We cover the basic opening strategy and the common tricks and traps that make the Stafford Gambit so much fun. Later, we then team up and play a couple games in the Stafford Gambit against viewers. Check out Grapplr on Twitch and YouTube!

0:00 Introduction to the Stafford Gambit & first moves
3:44 Most Beautiful Stafford Trap (OH NO MY QUEEN)
7:45 Englund Gambit Trap Tangent
8:40 When white doesn’t take the queen…
10:10 Simple trap vs f3
10:47 Most common Stafford Trap
16:47 Hikaru stumbled into this trap!
17:50 What Stockfish thinks about the Stafford
19:35 TRAP to PUNISH White’s Natural Development
23:09 Best response to the Stafford Gambit?
24:44 Responding to White’s Best Line (tricky traps!)
29:06 Move Orders, Transpositions, and more traps
31:32 When White plays an early e5… (even more traps!)
35:06 When White Avoids the Stafford
37:57 Teaming up against a viewer (SWEET TRAP)
41:50 Teaming up against a strong viewer — responding to an early f3

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  1. I think the walking away was a distraction for Rosen

  2. So what always happens to me is they play they play e3 on move 5 then bd2 move 6 and that's it I can't do anything

  3. At 25:23 couldn't the bishop (bishop on e7) take the pawn rather than the white pawn taking?

  4. dude no one took the fucking knight after 3 hours kfnsmdjsmslcnwsmhc

  5. but ive this 100 times but no one takes the gambit

  6. what if the night is go back after take the pon

  7. what if white plays Queen to e2 after the accepted gambit?

  8. I keep running into 4. Nxf7 when trying this out – instead of them accepting the gambit, trying to get the king to capture and then pile on once the king is in the open.

    Engine says king capture is right and its losing for white but its actually tricky to play out of that position and not run into trouble – there's a few critical lines to learn.

  9. This video is awesome! I really like how you talked about each move in depth so that it's clear to understand. Keep up the good work.

  10. Wait, it looks almost like a Petrov, Nimzovitch Attack Reversed but, not quite …. In the variation 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 d6 4.Nf3 Nxe4 5.Nc3 Nxc3 6.dxc3 Black already has a pawn on d6 but lacks an e-pawn altogether. Material is equal. White has Knight on f3. It's Black's move – usually 6…Be7. Then after 7.Be3 White plans 8.Qd2, 9.0-0-0 and hopes that Black castles K–side, as in the now old game Karjakin-Kramnik 1-0. In the Stafford, almost everything is exactly reversed except that White has an extra pawn on e4. But in this case it's Black's move, not White's, with Eric's wicked tricky …Bc5. So it's like Black is saying "I'll let you (White) play Black's side of the Nimzovitch Attack, AND I'll give you an extra pawn (e4), but it will be my move, not yours. Deal? Engines don't like it but humans won't see all of the tricks. Weirdly the same position could be reached after the moves 1.Nf3 Nf6 2.d3 e5? 3.Nxe5 Nc6 4.Nxc6 dxc6 5.e4 Bc5.

  11. Subscribed, beautiful trap, I usually hate trap cause they give u a disadvantage and if opponents don’t fall for them u’ll end up being behind, but in this case white is only +1.7 and ur setup gives white so many problems that it is worth it, thank u for the video

  12. At the 13 minute mark why doesn’t the Queen take the night

  13. At 23:36 is white plays b3 what do you do because from here if (1. b3, Qe5 2. D4,?) What do you do?

  14. I subscribed 💪because you explain things well and I'm a beginner!💪😎

  15. I'm new to the Stafford. What if after bc5, white plays be3? If my knight isn't on e4 yet, I'm clueless. I played bxe3, white took with pawn, I played ng4, white played be2, I played qh4, white played g3. Then nxe3, qd2, ng2+, kd1. It kind of all fell apart.

  16. world if stafford gambit doesnt exist: "IM BEGINNER I AND MY ELO IS 99999999"

  17. In a way it is chess cheese. It is harder to play against than it is to play, but it is a theoretically worse position. If white knows it, White can beat it because if white gets out of the opening alive then white has the advantage. Truly the zerg rush of chess. I love it.

  18. what if they dont take the pawn with the knight at the very start?

  19. when i want to learn this to trick others but theres 1.9 million views:

  20. problem overhere

    1. e4-e5
    5d3- Bc5
    7Bg5- what next ?? no more trap ???

  21. noone takes bellow 1000 wtf i lost -200 elo noone takes

  22. What if white goes d4 to prevent the position of black bishop?

  23. I love how you have someone else there so he can ask questions that the audience might ask ❤

  24. Guy is 1300 but acts like he’s 400 ong

  25. Some of these moves are little overrated. Such as losing 2 knights and a bishop just to win a queen.

  26. Stanford gambit is an opening that people pull out of their ass

  27. The guy analyzing the games with you couldn’t find his ass in a desert storm

  28. I used stafford gambit in one of my games(I'm 2000 rated) and in this position 30:26, my opponent played e5…equalising the position.@EricRosen please mention such lines!

  29. I really wish Eric would have explained e5, Qc2. I still struggle with that one

  30. At 32:02, when you play Ke4, what if white plays queen to e2? Please analyse that. Thanks Eric.

  31. What do you do when they attack your dark squared bishop with theirs?? I’m so upset because I’ve been trying this gambit forever and get the opportunity, only to magnificently fuck it up.

  32. I learned how to play chess around 3 years old and when I was 8, I’d say I was probably around 900-1100 Elo level. We had a family friend who played a ton of variations of this gambit on me and I could never figure out how to defend it. Extremely frustrating and sort of have some mild chess ptsd coming up seeing this video. Amazing how memory works, thank you for the video!

  33. What if white play Qe2 after Ne4 at 32:00 minute.
    Please give a best move from black…?
    I'm stuck here…
    @eric_rosen sir

  34. What if the opponent instantly plays Be3 like they play d3 then Be3 what do you play against that?

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