A Beautiful Checkmate Trap | Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast #shorts

Here’s an Amazing Chess Opening Trick for Black in the Italian Game (Giuoco Piano) to Trap & Checkmate the White king in just 15 Moves.
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  1. At the end, you should’ve said before you go and make the video a loop

  2. What's the name of app you are using for this video

  3. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  4. Yess! I don't know what you said but it's absolutely perfect!

  5. This is totally bullshit, why would any sensible person move the Q, if he can push pawn and attack my bishop?

  6. What eill happens if black take our rooor without queen

  7. You have good accent brother i like the way how talk. Its amazing.

  8. am I the only one who saw a checkmate before the actual checkmate

  9. When there will be knight check the queen can take the knight 🤔🤔

  10. When White's Bishop pins my knight, I attack him with Pawn but then he captures my Knight what do I do now? This is literally against the script. 😂

  11. After u attack queen with bishop the queen runs away, then u activate your knight what if they try to save their knight that is next to black king, that changes everything.

  12. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. No it's stupid i had take that pawn with my pawn of rook side which will threat horseyy

  14. And if white take your g pawn with f pawn…GG xD

  15. I'm not native speaker, but is that indian accent?

  16. The final black knight check at e2 won't work becuase white doesn't move the king to the corner but instead captures the knight with the queen 🤷‍♂️

  17. I seen two weakness to that trick in the beginning the Bishop didn't have to go back could have just took the horse in the another thing what if the person would of moved the rook pawn instead? Nice trick if those exact steps play out if not very costly

  18. Would this work in the chess club app because I've lost 30 games on master level and I can't pass it. Maybe i m just useless.

  19. my classmate call this trap "castling is overrated"

  20. Queen will take the knight..that's impossible

  21. After white castles instead of moving pawn to h3 what if white captures pawn on g3 then what is good move for black

  22. Bro after this vid I got into the same exact position but my opponent didn’t fork so it got ruined

  23. Not even bots stick to the script! 😮‍💨 I'll keep playing random.

  24. This really helps thanks for another tactic

  25. Whenever I try these set ups the opponent makes the most random moves and ruins my whole strategy ☠️

  26. Just sacrifices queen for the potential opportunity. Shouldn't try in a tournaments.

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