A 2600 Grandmaster was Traxlered in 8 Moves

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shows how a 2600-rated Grandmaster got defeated in the Traxler Counterattack. It was the game played between Jacek Tomczak and Al Mikhail Antipov.

The Traxler Counterattack, also known as the Wilkes-Barre Variation, is a chess opening variation in the Two Knights Defense that begins with the moves: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Ng5 Bc5. It is one of several ways Black can avoid the Fried Liver Attack.

You will learn how to counter both the White’s moves 5.Bxf7+ and 5.Nxf7.

► Chapters

00:00 Two Knights Defense, Traxler Counterattack
00:37 5.Bxf7+, Bishop Sacrifice Line
01:30 Tactical blow out of nowhere
03:39 5.Nxf7 – what to do now?
05:21 Hunting the White’s king

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  1. Hello you should make vedio about how to counter every gambit and main principle but i always lose to lower rated plz give me an idea😢😢😢😢 after 25 days there is an tournament 😢😢 plz😢😢😢

  2. Whenever I try these traps, even 800's find the move that destroys them 😭

  3. Only 1,996 likes to go!
    Thank you, this shows how to win before you raise a sweat – if your opponent allows it.

  4. The real question is, what if the king doesn't take the bishop? Does that mean that all of this was for nothing?

  5. please explain what is the best way for black in case they capture with the bishop instead of the knight

  6. Strange enough I got badly Ass whooped today with trexler counter attack

  7. I regret that I can only give this one like. Good stuff

  8. I think there's a Bishop to b5 by the opponent, loses my Knight for no reason 5:32

  9. 1. BxN Qd4##, for all the people in the comments who asked. He told us that at 5:30.

  10. The Traxler is such fun, please give us any other variations you have.

  11. This is my favourite opening. Not many people know that Nxf7 is actually a forced draw.

  12. How dubious is this opening? What are the strongest counters?

  13. More variations would be for sure very entertaining video. I actually tried traxler few times but i always struggled. I know stockfish can draw with traxler against another strong engine, but it seems difficult draw. Anyway, these openings are immensely entertaining !

  14. Hello igor, it is a fascinating video "as usual" since you make things pretty easy. Please post a video for a complete traxler attack & defense for both: white & black sides. Thanks a lot & have a pleasant day.

  15. I am speechless, l will comment some other time. I just want digest what l just saw😢😢

  16. 5:18 Why not N-f2? That way you triple-fork the rook, king and queen, so you capture the queen and give another check. Rook takes the knight, but you are way ahead in material and your opponent is completely undeveloped.

  17. Highly entertaining lines here both in the game (beautiful mate) and the variant. I learnt the Traxler ( Wilkes-Barre) many years ago but opponents never played Bc4/Ng5 against me! But Black sacs a lot of material so it can also go wrong. For over-the-board games I'd feel more comfortable with the main lines after d5 cxd5 and either Na5 or (in another of Igor's videos) Nd4!?

  18. YES! He finally covered the traxler!

  19. This is good stuff! Very useful. Love these tactics!!

  20. I'm having fun with fried liver, but closing to 1600 people know how to respond, and a6 or h6 is pretty natural and easy way. So yes please, do traxler attack video

  21. Fine have a like and I'll even throw in a comment

  22. How do you get this position in a game? [Event "?"]

    [Site "?"]

    [Date "????.??.??"]

    [Round "?"]

    [White "?"]

    [Black "?"]

    [Result "*"]

    [SetUp "1"]

    [FEN "8/p6p/7p/p6p/b2Q3p/K6p/p1r5/rk3n1n w – – 0 1"]

  23. Yes, give us more of the Traxler!! John Bassett

  24. This proves that the so called grand master is just another book master with a photographic memory. Take him to a place where he is out of book and he plays just like a beginner. He has no over the board strength. A true grand master should be able to play through anything without resorting to databases and computers.

  25. Hard to believe but rather embarrassing for 2600 player

  26. Another great video. I play pirc against e4 so I never encounter this.

  27. Hello GM, smirnov, its a 1 year subscribe to your channel, u wanna say thank you becuz ur teaching is very good, ur my fav chess coach from 300 elo to 1800 elo, thank u gm smirnov

    From: Philippines ❤❤

  28. It's a violation of the basic opening rules for GM Tomczak to move the same bishop back and forth before finishing development of his pieces and castling, for which he got punished.

  29. 4:21 – what about going off of the king – e3? Not explained. After Qh5 /black/ – Qf3 /plays white/.

  30. I love that nerdy humor: "this is clearly not good for white" (it's a checkmate) haha.

  31. Nxf7 actually is strong (+1.5 for white).

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