5 Year Old Wins Her FIRST Ever Chess Game! #shorts

The Joy of Winning for the First Time! ❤️

Video: ChessBase India

#Chess #ChessBaseIndia #magnuscarlsen #magnus #hikarunakamura #worldchampionship #chessgame #shorts #chessgame #chessshorts #checkmate
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  1. I remeber when i was 10 i was playing a tournament and it was may first tournament there is 300 people and manage to be 3rd place because i was thinking so hard i have to throw up😂😂😂 in the room everyone is looking at me but people help me there.

  2. Me at the age of 9 memorizing most common book moves

  3. 18 years old me still confused about knight move

  4. Heads off to Parents to nurture a Good point of interest in Kid at this early age

  5. Bruh, am i the only one who sees the resemblance with Andrea botez?

  6. I won my first game at the age of 8 and now i am eleven and i am the best of my high school ( yes i am already at high school)

  7. also: 5 Year Old Loses Her FIRST Ever Chess Game!

  8. When they did the head shake all i heard was "dingidingidingidingi"

  9. This kid played better than me. And the smile after the checkmate was beautiful ❤️

  10. Cool but can you explain to them taxes and they’ll understand? Chess is not the end all be all interpretation of intelligence because it assumes logic reason and rules with-in everything through those out the window, and those kids have no idea what the hell are looking at

    That said good game, I hate people

  11. bro this 5 yr old is better than me and im 1500 elo bro

  12. Well there are 2 five year olds and I’m assuming they ain’t gonna offer a draw

  13. I thought they were being sassy at the end but then I saw the channel XD

  14. Theres a 3 year old gm with 2200 elo shes nothing special💀

  15. dayum, they're on the same level as me in 8 but yeah, I got to 1900 elo but still surprising at the age of 5

  16. Alexandra Botez but Indian and Young🧐

  17. She look like Alexandra botez.

  18. The little head shake true competitors with class love it

  19. SHe may have beaten them in chess, but can she beat goku?

  20. Her rating is already 800, man she's the next hikaru

  21. first time seeing someone accepts the lose

  22. Her face was exactly my first tourney match win at 7

  23. That head shake was the cutest think I saw todya

  24. Ok is it just me or she looks like Alexandra botz

  25. Her opponent's reaction was pretty sweet as well. Chess is superb for kids.

  26. How can I get there I know how to play chess I'm 11years old

  27. At the age of 5 she plays better than me who is at the age of 11 😭😭😭

  28. Me at the age of 14 already gotten like 60 checkmates

  29. alternate ending Girl beaten by a 5 year old

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