5 Tips To Break 1600 For Good! The top mistakes players rated 1600 are making and how to fix them!

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In this video I share the top 5 mistakes players rated around 1600 are making. I will share tips and tricks on how to get better at chess and improve your chess rating quickly and push past 1600 to reach 1700,1800, and beyond. I give some tips on blunders, tactics mistakes, opening preparation and opening theory, and endgame techniques. Please comment below and let me know if you’ve passed 1600 for the first time!


  1. From a 1600 player, you are absolutely correct . Never saw it coming ,what I should have done is mind my pawns . I tell ya I'll be playing a little different from now on . Great video from … Paddy-Duff .

  2. That first game was seriously a 1600 rated game?

  3. Okay, at 1:56, seeing the position, the first plan that comes to my mind is to capture the white's Knight on h3 with Black's light square bishop. The queen is under attack. If the queen takes the rook, black gives check with his dark square bishop at e3. If the king goes to h1, then black queen on e2 grabs the pawn on e4 – threatening mate. The pawn is now pinned. Therefore it cannot grab the light square bishop on h3. This plan came to my mind within 10 seconds. So, I didn’t calculate any farther. What do you think?

  4. Move your king up to support promoting pawns

  5. Where can I get your lighted chess pieces wallpaper on your PC lol 😀

  6. The most important thing in an endgame? Your dignity. Keep your pants on.

  7. Check out the reverse Stafford for white, I’ve had the best success with that instead of accepting the gambit

  8. opening knowledge is important, but for those who yet to know about it, just be sound with your opening moves, dont go "rambo-ing" except at end games, focus should be engaged throughout the whole game not just at middle and end game.

  9. Blackburn shilling gambit and the tennison gambit got me from 1400 to 1700 because I kept playing them so much I started understanding how to use them

  10. 12:10 Actually, in 48.5% of cases, the player with the extra bishop wins. Still, in 49.5% of cases, it's a draw, of which 11.6% could have been a win, if it wasn't for the 50-move rule. Black wins in about 2% of cases. So trading all the pawns is almost a 50% chance of winning, and 50% chance of drawing (provided you don't fall for any tactics and don't blunder any pieces)

  11. Thank you so much for the compressed knowledge you share with us! I really got something out of the pawn theme at the end. Your explanation is very good!

  12. in the endgame i almost lost a rook up by losing all my pawns

  13. There is only one reason you are under 2000……TACTICS. if you are under 2000 tactics should be your only concern.

  14. What were the time controls of the games analyzed? I imagine the rate of blunders would be much higher on 3+0 vs 10+2.

  15. Pawns are the most important things in the endgame

  16. 1600s start thinking too much and become less weary

  17. I had a tough loss. I got jammed up with my two pawns and rook at opponents end of board…he used his king to jam up my chances of getting a queen. My rook was on his back row and I couldn’t figure out how to get it across for queen that cannot be taken. Basically pawn was defending pawn in far edge row and rook defending back row pawn king next to back end pawn. Could I have won???

  18. Thank you so much i managed to surpass 1600 at the age of 15 thank you so much your the best teacher my goal is to become a grandmaster at the age of 18

  19. I think the reason why 1600s blunder at a higher percentage (not more, but a higher percentage) is because they don’t make as many mistakes in the opening take this for example. A 1400 makes 3 opening mistakes and 3 blunders per game. A 1600 makes 1 opening mistake but 2 blunders per game. If you were to put this in percentage form, the 1400 is 50% opening mistakes / 50% blunders. The 1600 would have 33% opening mistakes / 66% blunders. The 1600 makes less mistakes overall, but the ratio is different.

  20. And here I was thinking an active king is most important in end game. 😅

  21. 5 tips to break 1600
    Very interesting and useful

  22. My tactic is ultra aggressive, tacking out knights, one Rook and a bishop, always keeping my queen.

  23. I don't understand how those players were even above 1200 elo with that skill. I feel like their ratings had to have been provisional or something

  24. I'm surprised Lack of Opening Knowledge isn't higher on the list. I'm at ~1600 (unofficially) with basically no knowledge of openings, but some understanding of tactics and opening principles. I thought that's how everyone did it.

  25. Reason of blunder is trying to experiment and adventure but still I would say…..neither of the games you showed looked like a 1600 players game may be that was 1400.

  26. my tried and true against the stafford is d3 and be2, with a timely c3 and d4 to shut down the scary dark square bishop. the best lines for black are already +1.2-5 ish.

  27. Great video, Nelson! I play on Lichess (pwstamps) with players rated between 1400 and 1600, so it was perfect for me! I analyze all the games, and yes, we still blunder. Not the obvious blunders of beginners (leaving a piece to be taken) but avoidable blunders anyway. You did not specify the games’ length; it is easier to blunder on a 3 minutes game. Instead, I play 30 minutes+ games, which gives me time to think, but as an older player, I get more easily tired and… blunder!

  28. Are these statistics taken from rapid or blitz?

  29. Im 1600, those cannot be 1600, my games are much harder

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