5 Tips To Break 1600 For Good! The top mistakes players rated 1600 are making and how to fix them!

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In this video I share the top 5 mistakes players rated around 1600 are making. I will share tips and tricks on how to get better at chess and improve your chess rating quickly and push past 1600 to reach 1700,1800, and beyond. I give some tips on blunders, tactics mistakes, opening preparation and opening theory, and endgame techniques. Please comment below and let me know if you’ve passed 1600 for the first time!


  1. 8:53 in Stafford gambit I like to play pawn to e5 attack the knight then D4 to defend the e5 pawn. The ln I'm just up a pawn and white's attack is almost over. I'll defend with queen that weak pawn

  2. Nelson, sometimes you go too fast! An example is the very first game, and then I have to replay it at half speed. But overall, it's interesting to see the evolution of what is going to be a great channel. The work you put into it is obvious.

  3. me 1200 satisfied to see 1600 games also have blunders like me. 🤣

  4. It seems like the low percentage of loss during the endgame is due to the fact that if you are likely to make a mistake there, you are likely to make a similar mistake before that, and you never get to the endgame.

  5. Very instructive again Nelson for president

  6. My answer to your question about the endgame was to trade off pieces. Since black was up a piece they could trade off pieces and be the only player with a piece left other than the king. I'm glad to hear your answer though because that seems a lot better. And applies to endgames where you have an equal amount of pieces.

  7. He never read the comments to see how many people got it right 11:52

  8. End game strategy with pawns. Thanks for highlighting that, will work on this

  9. I really like this series of analyzing games at different levels. Gives me a ton of things to work on

  10. at 1600 players punish the blunders much effectively and that's why blunders are more decisive

  11. I’m at 1700 and my opponents plays like 1200 sometimes

  12. When you said you analyzed 100 games and notated mistakes, I subbed immediately when you requested

  13. Part of the reason I believe is at 1600, you can develop hubris, so you can blunder more

  14. my blunder numbers do indeed look like steph curry's 3 point percentage, liked and subbed

  15. My 1000 rated player play like god and they play like beginner bro wtf is this

  16. I really like this series of yours, I believe it did helped me the one about being stuck in 1200, I love you always bring a spreadsheet in, even I went to the stuck in 1000 and was reallt interesting, helped me understand many of my flaws. cheers!

  17. your videos are great! respect for you and thank you

  18. You think that 1600 players don't know what a battery is ?

  19. 1600 you play more complex game not like 1400 when i was 1400 i usually got higher than 90 accuracy easy game easy tactic when i reach 1600 i start to blunder much more because game become more complex with more knowledge in the opening

  20. I just realized that he somewhat looks the mischievious Colt's buffed version lol!

  21. never seen a 1600 make the mistake the first guy did that allowed him to be mated. Has anything changed in 2 years?

  22. Just broke 1500 next 1600 looking for 2k by my next birthday

  23. I can’t break 900. Mainly bc I just absolutely suck at chess no matter how hard I try

  24. 1 tip now.. just make a new account boom these assholes giving new players 1600 elo what a fucking joke

  25. Coach, is it reall we need to change our opening when we reach certain ratings? Or we can still use the same opening & improve on others area?

  26. Can you give me tips for practicing how to even practice chess everyday i realy don't know how and im stuck between 1600 1700

  27. My rating is 1500 and trust me it's very hard to push 1600

  28. It is because at 1600 you start calculating more moves than 1400 and you miss some move that cost match
    But at 1400 they try not to blunder but calculation is less and play safe not going for hard position.

  29. I am 1300 and i ended up losing all my pieces and was about to resign, when suddenly to my astonishment i realized that my opponent even at this level didn't know how to checkmate with a king and a rook so i was just dancing around the center of the board and got my draw. never resign.

  30. Im 1500 but what I Know is that im much better at endgames than most people at my level. Once i played down 3 points of material knight for a rook and a pawn ultimately winning it, because i knew that what matters in the endgame id king activity and passed pawns. So I put his king in jail and he was playing with only a rook while I was playing with king and a knight. Stockfish said its a draw, but what he needed to do is sacrifice his extra pawn to get a passed pawn and free up the kings movement but it would be 3 passers vs one and Stockfisch didn't See a way to win with the side that had the rook. I really often see when people try to play for a win in a drawn endgame and end up losing

  31. you are great. best chess channel ever! love you

  32. i am watching this a bit late.i know…😅
    but i think the blunders happen because in this level you're more open to new ideas and tactics
    that makes you constantly change your perspective on the position so as a result of that the games are less accurate

  33. To which time control does this apply? When you say 1600, is that blitz, bullet, rapid?

  34. Who else is like 300 and watching this anyway

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