5 Most ANNOYING Chess Openings

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5 Chess Openings I HATE: London, Benko, Ruy Lopez, Catalan, and SemiSlav.


0:00 Intro
1:49 Opening 1 – LONDON
9:22 Opening 2 – CATALAN
15:15 Opening 3 – Ruy Lopez
20:15 Opening 4 – Benko
26:40 Opening 5 – Semislav


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  1. I just played the semi-slav as black multiple times today and totally destroyed white.
    Thank you.

  2. Clicked the video for ruy lopez opening, now I'm considering all my choices about life.

  3. HOLY SH*T THE RUY LOPEZ IS SO ANNOYING. especially when isabel or antonio does it

  4. I absolutely adore the exchange ruy lopez, as you said its quality. Incredible quality, people expect a ba4 when they play a6. Ruy Lopez Exchange is like a nuclear stealth missile that has 10x the power of the usual anti openings like grand-prix which is really good in it's own right provided that you can convert properly. which isn't hard, the absolutely worst is the ruy lopez sidelines because they don't have an anti-repertoire

  5. No populations do more damage to the Earth than Asian and third world populations. “Privileged”? Shall we take a look at the Early Life sections of the owners/CEOs of 17/25 top hedge funds, ~every media corporation other than Fox, 8/9 top Hollywood studios, and the largest asset manager on Earth? Something tells me you wouldn’t like that, Levy.


  7. 4:31 Why can't you just go e4? That's completely gonna mess up black

  8. Bro got really annoying opponent ' annoying noob' 😂😂😂

  9. Win though beeeahhhhh… when you study your opponent. Annoy and conquer

  10. Isn't fianchetto pronounced "fee-an-shet-oh"?

  11. I have a good line against London, so I'm not annoyed by it anymore.

  12. The most annoying opening is Levy condemning wealthy corporations whilst raking in money from them.

  13. Levy, why not try for the Lasker trap against the queens gambit?

  14. I am forever grateful for all the players who play e5 after e4. All these openings that they have to know how to respond to, all so we are able to play the opening that we have been yearning to play after seventeen games straight of the Sicilian.

  15. Actually very helpful for higher rated players. Gonna try and incorporate the semi slav into my opening repertoire

  16. me being 650 and knowing the ruy lopez theory the most

  17. against the London i like to play more of the side lines with black with c5. similar to agadmators take on the London but with a lot of engine prep under my belt. i may make a video on it to start off my channel? who knows.

  18. If you see a queen's pawn opening, and you don't want to play against the london, I really like to play the Englund gambit. Its easy to memorise, and there are some tricky lines in it.

  19. i only play the pirc so i dont have to worry about any of this shit 😀

  20. No idea why Levy looks so handsome in this particular video but hey I’m not complaining.

  21. Levy: "Black wins in the Semislav 54% of the time, granted the data is littered w/ other games like 2100's"
    Gotham's Audience: "Bird's opening go unga-bunga" -7 Elo -> 450

    What i took out of this is that I should learn the Catalan & the semi-slav, feel like i have a massive brain and then blunder every game away from a theoretically winning position. Brilliant!

  22. could you do a video explaining ruy lopez?

  23. Well now IM gonna use it against opponents so thanks Gotham.

  24. Levy : I HATE the London System, I don't know how to react

    Also Levy : How to CRUSH the London System with these moves!

  25. when you castle you attack the knight with the rook on e1

  26. Most annoying is def when u learn 100 lines of theory complete 8 full courses of chessable and they do some random move like scholars mate 🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Levy's respect for the thrilled or tapped R is always going unnoticed

  28. This is very bad you shouldn't have this much subs
    I am out

  29. With due all respect levy your perspective is intermediate and not professional before anyone get fooled

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