5 Killer Chess Tricks to WIN FAST in the King’s Gambit

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you 5 killer chess tricks to win fast in the King’s Gambit, which is one of the most aggressive chess openings for White after 1.e4 e5, where White plays 2.f4. It works tremendously well for blitz games.

The main advantages of the King’s Gambit are that it’s very aggressive and is full of traps. Most of your opponents are unfamiliar with these opening variations and therefore it gives you a great edge in the opening stage.

Watch the full video lesson and learn how to launch a quick attack against the Black’s king in different variations of the King’s Gambit, including the King’s Gambit Accepted, King’s Gambit Declined, the Fischer Defense, and many more.

► Chapters

00:00 King’s Gambit, Aggressive Chess Opening
00:30 Main Idea for White in the King’s Gambit
01:05 1) 2…exf4, King’s Gambit Accepted
02:46 2) 2…d6, King’s Gambit Declined
05:11 3) 3…g5, King’s Gambit Accepted
08:21 4) 3…d6, Fischer Defense in King’s Gambit Accepted
10:14 Surprising tactical blow
11:03 5) 3…Nc6, MacLeod Defense in King’s Gambit Accepted

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  2. Do you also find that it works many times when you suggest moves to your opponent?
    Like there is a trap if he moves b6. And I am like b6, b6, come on dude, it is a nice move, move to b6, b6 come on…
    And then he moves b6 and loses.
    Why does this work? 🙂

  3. hey guys pls hope me win in tournament chess. 11 hours more and tournament start

  4. If I played chess, I would certainly try this

  5. planning to play kings gambit for now on i used queens gambit from 500-800 nice opening

  6. Wow! I have newer Darenth to Play Kings Gambit, but now You have showed me soo beautiful game for white! Thank a lot Igor! 😊👍♟

  7. Your channel is very interesting and inspiring, but you're dismissing alternative lines so quickly. For example, at 07:08, after 9. … Nh6 10. d4, Black can attack the knight through 10. … d6, and take it after White takes on h6. Then the queen can no longer take on f7.

    Or, at 07:30, after 9. … Be7 10. Nxf7, Black can give check with the bishop on h4. If the queen takes the bishop, the king can take the knight on f7.

  8. I need to study more often. This is a great video and I always watch before starting my work in the morning.

  9. It's if you made some videos what to do or avoid with all those traps.

  10. Question if your opponent comes out with white E7 and his next move is f4 how would you defend that opening and if he has black it's d7 and c4

  11. After look several time the italian stuff at 1000elo i crush !!!
    Give me the time to look this one….. ❤🎉

  12. what if the queen is moved and gives you check instead of taking the gambit

  13. What if black replay with strong D7-D5 ,D7-D6 actually looks weak for black

  14. There are 40K views and he says your opponent won't know about it 😂😂😂

  15. The only problem with these videos is we never get enough

  16. me: plays king’s gambit
    opponent: plays sicilian defense
    me: r e s i g n

  17. Keep sharing how to play chess like a pro👍

  18. Do not use Kings Gambit for White
    It always loses
    Black plays P x P
    White Plays N-KB3
    Then Black plays B-K2

  19. Please visit my profile you can learn chess, tactics and strategies.
    Thank you

  20. if i could like this video more than once

  21. In my experience- never treat a KG (white) player with respect. They fear counter attacks; they hate to defend. On Lichess anonymous, many of them simply quit and run away when faced with the Falkbeer Counter Gambit. And if you play the Cunningham defense, only the (relatively) strongest ones survive for more than 28 moves. I am not a very strong player, and my opponents are usually also not too strong. Otherwise, things might have been different.

  22. Responding e4 with b6 then attack with bb7, ?

  23. Can't you just play and stop yapping
    No wonder this video has less Likes than it should have
    You talk too much

  24. Smothered Checkmate is the single most satisfying move in chess. Maybe checkmate with a pwn is close.

  25. Time stamp :- 1:52

    Question:- Bro what if black goes pawn to d4 and threatens our knight , instead of grabbing our pawn on e4 ?

  26. What if opponent decides to check with queen and not take the pawm

  27. Kings gambit is the most dangerous chess open for both players. I love it because Paul Morphy loved it 😂

  28. What if second move they make it check with the queen

  29. What if instead of the night going to C6 he moves the pawn to D5, what to do then?

  30. interesting 😀😀@GMIgorSmirnov

  31. 05:10 Then our opponent can play Nc2 and we will lose a rook…

  32. What if he pushes his pawn to d4 instead of taking your pawn on e4? 1:52

  33. haha but bro in 4.15 what if black Nd4*C2 in while capturing bishop with queen

  34. 9:33 black bishop can come against white bishop. problem solved

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