4 MOVE CHECKMATE: Best Chess Trap for Beginners (Wayward Queen)

Make sure you know this so you don’t get checkmated in 4 moves.
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  1. When my class mate did this, I fell for it but instead of using my queen, I used my knight.

  2. What is they do knight f6 when you go queen a5

  3. I did this so much times and it never worked

  4. i awaly use this move to checkmate someone but i change

  5. If they queen's pawn i get to set up the funny ICBM

  6. I fell to the mate in the first half of this video earlier in a 5 min chess game is 30 seconds.

  7. What happens if they pull out the knight-threatening-queen before the pull out the knight defending the pawnM

  8. What I would of done if I where black would be queen protect and then know she will be stuck force to go backwards and then take out Knight and bishop slowly moving it up

  9. i tried that and my opponent was so bad that it was a mate in 3

  10. What if the put knight instead of pawn

  11. What if he did knight move on the queen on his second move lol

  12. I checkedmated some of my friends and my mom in just 2 moves! I thought it was only 3 that you could beat people.

  13. Once I tried the whole get my queen attacked and profit a rook and a knight but they moved their king forward instead of moving the knight away after I took the rook so I just went back to E5 and checkmated them

  14. No one falls for that anymore it's fools mate

  15. What if they play to g6 with pawn? Instead of knight

  16. How come sometimes the king can take the queen but sometimes he cant

  17. you have no idea how many times i destroyed kids in my school with this

  18. Ah yesss finally! Something i see in youtube shorts that i can actually use in a real game

  19. Do not use this if your Elo is above 500 doesn’t work

  20. oh yeah this worked against my brain dead friend in the hospital. he was so destroyed he couldnt even move once

  21. oh wow. that's what ppl always do to me

  22. I tried it once. When I moved my Queen to h5, my opponent moved his king to e7 so i just took the hanging pawn and got checkmate in 3 moves

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