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1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Ng5 d5 5. exd5 Nxd5 (5… Nd4 6. d6 (6. c3 b5
7. cxd4 (7. Bb3) 7… bxc4 8. dxe5 Qxd5 9. exf6 Qxg5 10. fxg7 Bxg7 11. O-O Bb7
12. g3 (12. f3 Bd4+ 13. Kh1 Rg8 14. g3 (14. Qe2+ Kd7) 14… O-O-O) 12… O-O-O)
6… Qxd6 7. Bxf7+ (7. Nxf7 Qc6 8. Nxh8 Qxg2 9. Rf1 Qe4+ 10. Be2 (10. Qe2 Nxe2)
10… Nf3#) 7… Ke7 8. Bb3 (8. O-O h6 9. Nf3 Kxf7) 8… Nxb3 9. axb3 h6 10. Nf3
e4 11. Qe2 Kf7 12. Nh4 (12. Ng1 Bg4 13. f3 exf3 14. Nxf3 Re8) 12… g5) (5…
Na5) 6. Nxf7 Kxf7 7. Qf3+ Ke6 *

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  1. I'm loving this video, and in trying to memorise it I'm teaching the lines to my gf. She said "I don't want to pin the pawn I move the knight to h4" in one of your sidelines. Threatening a fork on rook and king, the king only moves if they pin the pawn. So it is safe to go there….

  2. I just did this to someone with the smothered checkmate … can't believe it worked !!!!!

  3. damn. the literal first game I got into after watching this led to the knight f3 smothered mate. really shows the value of learning openings

  4. 5:12 what if they save the pawn by f3 and maintain the pressure in us? thanks

  5. Great video for 1. e4 e5 enthusiast. Thank you for this great video.

  6. I've done that trap with black fruit and that's a few times in the 1000's elo

  7. Я вообще не понимаю английский язык, но в данном видео всё понятно 😀 Thanks man

  8. I think that defense it's much more complex If they take with the Bishop. Thanks for the video🔥

  9. Why don't the title mentioned the fried liver? 😂 Wannna keep it to your audience? Good one

  10. So yer the reason my attack hasn't been so successful lately! 😅🤣 Great video. Ya got my sub.

  11. Watched this video, opened up my phone and started a match and exact situation happened. Easy W lol

  12. OMG This works superbly 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍

  13. Superb. Thank you for these lessons.

  14. Reminds me of the Blackmar-Deimer gambit.

  15. 3:35 Don't say "bishop's controlling here", people will think you're meant to take if they play Nh3. That's a terrible trade for black. just leave it there, it's pretty much out of the game.

  16. The scariest thing is KNIGHT move cause its always makes me PTSD ngl

  17. Question for the Group: At about minute 3.26 of this video, in the side discussion of the bishop-takes variation, Nelson states that the Bishop has to retreat back to b3 cause that's the only safe square for the bishop. Why not c4, where capture by the white Knight is not possible? Any analysis that answers this would be appreciated.

  18. This is one of the worst things someone can do to you as Black!!!

  19. This is like the famous Blackburn gambit which follows this line: e4-e5, Nf3-Nc6, Bc4-Nd4!!

    The point is the same, lure the knight in this "fork", just from a different angle, instead of Ng5 they go Nxe5. Then we play …Qg5 and we have Nxf7-Qxg2, Rf1-Qxe4+, Be2-Nf3#

    It's the exact same position both with the knight and the bishop capture. It only differs when white plays c3 instead of d6.

    I personally prefer playing the Blackburn gambit because this makes them immediately think you've blundered a pawn, whereas if you play the two knights defence they aren't necessarily forced into playing the fried liver and the game may transpose to a boring Italian variation.

  20. well at 8:34 after black plays e4, what if white knight decided to move on h4 instead of the queen and if black attacks with g6 it's a fork on Ng6.

  21. 7:45 what if the king didn't castle and instead go for queen to e2?

  22. Прямо сегодня разыграл эту позицию и победил оппонента за 30 секунд)
    Большое спасибо!

  23. I don't see the bishop going back to b3 but to c4. Why on earth would you pull back a piece and risk a double pawn. Horse on d4 is too strong to trade.

  24. dear god the first time this works out perfectly in real life must be what heroin feels like.

  25. What if they castle after Knight d4

  26. Great video but what if white attacks with the same idea at the other side? Queen cannot punish anymore!

  27. Thanks, playing with black I had a lot of problems with that knight/bishop combination.

  28. Thanks for the help. Just played this game as black. Mated him in 10 moves. He reported me and I’ve send him this video.

  29. rather than playing 4 knights get ur bishop out first so when the start fried liver u simply castle then if they continue they will get a rook and a pawn for a knight n bishop n u will have a better position

  30. I blunder my queen less when I watch your videos. Lmao 🤣

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