300,000+ People Fell For This Trap

300,000+ people have fallen for this chess trap!


  1. What if my opponent knows how to play chess??

  2. Mai bhi yahi kar raha tha Abhi mera bass Raja Bacha aur 2 pawn 🥺

  3. What to do if he doesn't use the knight

  4. Tbh I like this trap but I don't really think sacrificing 2 pawns, 1 knight and 1 bishop is worth a queen.

  5. What if he developed his Knight to H3 or if he moves his E2 pawn to E3. This plan will fail for sure. And ur gonna lose terribly

  6. Few years back i used this to make my first win against my father 😂

  7. Lol I mean whoever falls for this trap is incredibly stupid. You don't have to take the pawn, and if black takes your pawn then you'll take his queen and his king can't castle anymore. And you can just recapture it back with a threat of fork and have a stronger position. 😂

  8. Isn't that called the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile?

  9. What if your opponent doesn't take stops in front of your Queen! 😅😅😅

  10. It's called The Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit

  11. That’s a simple version of the icbm gambit but for black

  12. Me when I only know how the pieces moves and know that we have to take queen to win😂😂

  13. This is called England gambit

  14. Why to kill the queen when there is chance for a check mate

  15. highly risk but if succes maybye it gonna be fast game

  16. The question is… is a queen worth two pawns, a knight and a bishop? That’s a lot of lost ground.

  17. Opponent be like : abe maine ye video dekhi hai😂😂

  18. For queen we need to laps 2 powers???

  19. Oo oo oo. England Gambit. Oo aka 8 move mate but risky as fuck Gambit

  20. Wait I have a query though u might have him a check but The opponent has a chance of getting your queen as the pawn is diagonal to the queen 👸 so I don’t understand

  21. Never sacrifice your important piece for the quine

  22. Very simular to the Intercontenintal Ballistic Missile

  23. instructions unclear, my friend never moves the middle pawns

  24. The most dangerous thing in chess is greedyness

  25. International ballistic gambit????

  26. Imagine u play all of this, and the opponents don't move tha last move as plan

  27. First of all how many players open with the queen's pawn 😂😂

  28. Known as the intercontinental ballistic missile attack gambit

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