1 Minute Ponziani Trap

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  1. I’ll try this. I’m stuck at 1000 rating in rapid

  2. Imagine you have auto queen on and then after all that your opponent checkmates you in one move with Queen F2 😂😂😂

  3. Won't the queen could just deliver a checkmate on f2 😶 ?

  4. if he decides to take the bishop he'll take the knight too so it doesnt make sense

  5. Real scenario to promote to a knight

  6. What is wrong with you?? How do you know your opponent is going to make those stupid moves

  7. What should we do if black plays d5 at the opening

  8. Opponent: Plays c6
    Me: Finally, a worthy opponent, THIS BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY

  9. Warning. Opponent will not do what he said would happen 😅

  10. I only play in person chess, cant threaten a computer to resign with a loaded handgun. Havent lost yet

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  12. Oppenent: plays boncloud
    Me: why do i hear boss music?


  14. Why can't the king move to either B7 or B8 to get out of check? I don't really know that much about chess

  15. Bruh I'm over here struggling against mid level bots because I'm fairly new this seems impossible to me

  16. It only works against low rated elo people because usually good people don't respond with e5.

  17. If you take the rock to make queen they checkmate you

  18. I gave up playing chess after this happened to me.

  19. Makes sense why it’s called a PAWNziani opening 💀

  20. white: alright let's do this : e4

    * caro kann laughing from black side * 💀

  21. The king can literally still move to b7 and d7

  22. One could of moved the black night was on e4 to c3 then that basically a check

  23. instead of Qd2 black could play Nxc6 and after white bishop c6 black bishop can block white bishop by playing bishop d7

  24. Right but why’s the king running instead of blacks queen taking the pawn?

  25. im out of theorie on move 3 THIS VIDEO SUCK!!!

  26. Ifyou makea knight, I don’t see how you could finish him. King to b7 then what?

  27. But what if instead of moving the pawn at d6 to d7, the opponent moves the f6 pawn to f7?

  28. Wouldn't making it a queen at the end still be better? Because it would be instant checkmate no? Cause the king can still move after the pawn becomes a knight and the game goes on

  29. we all know that after getting mated like that, we furiously move on to the next game and moving pieces arounds like a mad man, thus lose 2 games in a row

  30. Any plan that needs three ridiculous things to happen for the plan to succeed is a stupid plan. No point memorising this trap, I could play ten thousand games and the opponent won’t make those moves. Seriously, after pawn takes pawn on c6, why the fk would black put his queen on b6? It would never happen. This is like Levy’s chess nerd fan fiction fantasy. “Oh and then I have discovered double check from en passant and when he moves his king I mate him with pawn turning into a Queen, which also captures his queen at the same time!!!!” Fk off.

  31. Teaching opening traps on popular youtube channels ruins chess for beginners who could love chess.
    If you chatch my drift…

  32. This is just trash. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. c3 shouldn't be met by 3…Nf6. I think 3…Nf6 is complete trash. The move is 3…d5 and Black is slightly better. If you're Black and you get the chance to play d5, you play it. Not playing it when allowed should be seen as a crime against chess.

  33. Want an epic trap to show off Levy? Here's one for you. 1. e3 d6 2. Nf3 Nd7 3. Bd3 b6 4. Ng5 h6 5. Ne6 fxe6 6. Bg6#

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